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When The Beyhive Attacks: Chilli(TLC) Edition



Well its seems that Chilli was in need of some attention after all the fanfare for that TLC movie came and went. What better way to get that attention you ask? Make a comment about The Queen Bey!

The TLC star pissed off the Beyhive when she posted a list of forbidden fads and phrases in the new year. The most controversial please-leave-in-2013 “saying” went to “Bey, ‘B,’ Queen B, or any variation or form of the world Beyonce.”

She had to know this was going to happen the BeyHive is not to be tangled with, have we learned nothing from Keri Hilson and Keyshia Cole. Of course Rozonda has since deleted the tweet and posted the message below:


Let the dragging commence! Check out some of the hilarious responses to her tweet.


I think @dustinrosssaid’s Revine pretty much sums up the sentiments of the Beyhive


Whut say you?

(Disclaimer: Beyoncé slander is not allowed at www.waitwaitwhut.com)



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