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Xscape Might Don’t Make It Through This “Great Xscape Tour”


The second episode of Xscape’s new Bravo reality show “Still Kickin,” chronicling their reunion came on last night. It was clear from the episode that the ladies of Xscape still have deep-rooted issues. These episodes were taped over the summer, so I was hoping they worked through these issues so they could secure the bag. They clearly didn’t! Fast forward to Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happen Live” episode from last night and it’s clear that Xscape might don’t make it through this “Great Xscape Tour”

At the start of the interview, you could cut the tension in the room with a knife. It didn’t help that Andy was ripping the scabs off of old wounds and rubbing rock salt into them, with his shady questions. It also didn’t help that the interview seemed to focus primarily on Kandi, and the other ladies seemed like “Pips” as Kandi so eloquently put it.

It was revealed that Xscape minus Kandi is working on new music, to which everyone’s response was:

Say What GIF

Apparently, Kandi is performing on Broadway. That’s awesome! But let’s be clear WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN XSCAPE AS A TRIO! It didn’t work back then and it isn’t going to work now!


It’s clear Kandi and The Scott sisters do not see it for each other. Kandi essentially said, “After this tour, I’m done with this bullshit.” The whole interview was a hot ass mess! While LaTocha may have been the cause of the break-up way back when it’s clear Kandi had no interest in the reunion at the doe!

This isn’t going to fare well with the audience for Kandi, she is coming off mean and bitter. This show is showing a side of Kandi we are not used to seeing.

I am going to say this and be done, ALL FOUR OF YOU ALL BETTER WORK IT OUT BY DECEMBER 31ST OR FAKE IT! If it’s not worked out or it’s not here members performing on the stage



Whut, say you?

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